Best Free Web Browsers

Kylo is a streaming-media browser designed for HDTVs. This revolutionary software takes up the full screen of your PC with no window boundaries. With this program, you will be able to surf the Web from a TV connected to your personal computer. The text, menu, and buttons are larger than when viewed at your desk. This browser is powered by Mozilla and comes with lots of great features.

This program has a rich interface that can easily be seen from anywhere in the room. Its developers have also designed an innovative device (The Loop) that looks like a bracelet and can be used in conjunction with the application. You may also use a wireless mouse and keyboard. Kylo features screen shortcuts to over 130 popular sites and networks divided into eight categories, including Sports, Music, TV, Games, and Social. This software is free for Windows and Mac systems. Click the link for Brave Browser

Whether you want to search for a specific music clip or watch a special event not broadcast in your country, Kylo has you covered. Some of its main features include:

• Large icons
• Minimalist user interface
• Easy to use on-screen keyboard
• Intelligent font management
• Download manager
• Bookmark manager
• Easy access to music and video
• Large navigation buttons
• No visual clutter
• Lots of viewing space
• Zoom-and-Pan feature
• Tabbed navigation
• Specially designed for Internet TV

If you find the default layout of font elements too small, you can click on the zoom button in order to increase the size of text on a page. Users can open multiple pages simultaneously, preview websites, and change the default homepage. With Kylo, you can enjoy your favorite games, news, music, and videos without getting off the couch. The browser’s interface is designed to fit your TV screen.


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