Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs) are shaping up to be the big thing in vaping in 2019, and it’s easy to understand why. Best Single Coil Rta bring together the customizability and flavor of an RDA, with the ease of use and convenience of a refillable tank.

However, unlike your traditional sub-ohm tank, there are no ready-to-use pre-built coils that you can purchase from the store. Instead, you’ll have to build your coils yourself, wick them, and mount them on the deck. After that, it’s simply a matter of putting the RTA back together, and filling it up with your favorite ejuice!

Now while this may sound complicated to a complete beginner, believe me when I say that it’s not. Building your own coils is easy with a bit of practice, and provides many advantages over your typical pre-made coils. Cost effectiveness, improved flavor, and customization options are just some of the many reasons why building your own coils is the way to go.

We’ve created this list of the best RTAs 2019 as a guide for those with sub-ohm tanks who are looking to purchase their first RTA, or for RDA users looking for a tank with a little more convenience. Additionally, if you already use an RTA and are shopping for a new one, you’ll definitely find a new RTA that you like.

The Profile Unity RTA is a collaboration between some of the biggest names in vaping. Mr.JustRight1 (the creator of the Profile RDA) and TVC (responsible for the Drop RDA) have teamed up with Wotofo to create one of the best RTAs of recent times. You can build single, dual, or mesh coils on the deck.

It’s got a 25mm diameter that retains the same convenient build deck as its RDA counterpart; a dual clamp, mesh coil compatible deck with a spring-loaded central support platform. This platform applies constant pressure to your cotton which ensures that it’s always in contact with your mesh for optimal performance and flavor.

The body of the Profile Unity has two notches that align with the base of the tank to secure the top cap and also ensures that airflow is always properly directed to your coil. It’s got a 3.5ml standard capacity that can be expanded up to 5ml with the included glass tank section. Wicking the Profile Unity right can be a little tricky at first. However, once you get the hang of it you’ll never go back to using another RTA. The Profile Unity is our pick for the best RTA 2019.

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