As a Best Software Reviews developer or marketer, you should know there are many sites where you can promote your software. More than your average social media platform. You already spent a lot of money, effort and time in developing software and needed everyone else to see it’s potential and buy them.

It’s no easy task because it may take you more time, money and effort to market your software than developing it. It takes a lot of marketing skill to be able to successfully pull this off, however, if you do not possess one then you should consider hiring someone with such skill. 

There are many sites out there dedicated for you to get a better outreach with the right audience than blindly marketing around with no specific niche. However, it’s just one of them any way you can do to create awareness of your software to the public.

One of them you can start by creating a website dedicated to your software. It’s going to give off some sort of legitimacy vibe of your software sensed by the public. Where the users can track back where to get your software’s more detail information. You can use the website to link them everywhere including all of your social media platforms, YouTube, blog post backlinks and many more.

Another thing you can do is by blasting promotional email to your contacts and ask them to share around about it. Be careful to only email to those that would have an interest in using your software and not those that you know didn’t. Be careful and use all the right words when constructing a script to your email to avoid it being considered as a spam email.

Here are some of the best software reviews website out there you can use to create awareness to your software of if you a user looking to get a liable software review site;

#1 G2 Crowd

One of the best website out there that provide a clear and honest review of the software. There are more than 500 thousand users every day that putting out some of the thorough and detailed reviews about a particular software in helping another user to make better decision making. If you a software developer this is an easy place for your software to get the best real reviews.

#2 GetApp

You can definitely get some of the best visibility of your software if you are a software developer on this site. It’s one of the biggest platforms for software review and rating that’s owned by Gartner.

#3 Capterra

One of the leading software review websites out there. This platform also owned y Gartner in 2015. Just like in GetApp, this platform also the best place to get the software visibility that you needed. It offers with variety of categories that you easily browse through to select the best that describes your software.

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