Now that you know where you want to go it’s time to work out all the little, but important, details of your trip. When to travel, what documents will you need, what tickets to book before you leave, should you reserve accommodation now or leave it until you get there, should or shouldn’t you take out travel insurance, hire a car and if so what model, size, auto or manual, which guide book/s should you take with you. How are you going to select which hotels (cost, location, amenities, etc.) to stay in, which items should you take with you and how are you going to get the stuff you buy home.

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When you should travel. It really depends on a lot of issues. Do you have to be in a particular place at a certain time? If you do then part of the trip is already planned but if not then do you have a choice of season? If you want to laze on a sunny beach when it’s warm then you need to get there in summer but if you want to see penguins in the North of Scotland then a Northern Winter gives you the best chance.

If you have a limited budget then traveling in the ‘off-‘ or ‘low-season’ is best. The reason is that airline, long ago, discovered that most people wanted to travel to catch the summer warmth at their destinations so fare went up to get higher profits and the opposite happened in the cooler winter months when for those times of the year fares went down to try and attract more people to fly to get more profits. But for all the attempts of the airlines to increase profits we, the fly public, can benefit by grabbing those low fare times if it suits.


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