What do all great Lacrosse players from Gary Gait, Mikey Powell to Matt Danowski have in common? They all have completed the magic number of practice hours. Researchers now believe that the magic number of practice hours for one to reign supreme at their task is 10,000 hours. You can guarantee that each one of the great players that are constantly mentioned throughout the lacrosse world have attained that magic number.

The emerging picture now from such studies suggest that that ten thousand hours of practice is required to achieve the level of mastery associated with becoming a world class expert in anything. In case after case of basketball players. chess players, composers, artists and pianists, this number comes up again and again. 10,000 hours is an enormous amount of time to practice and is increasingly hard to dedicate time to with the advent of new technologies, Facebook and every other distraction in life. It is only those who have supportive and encouraging parents that facilitate the life of a rising CT lacrosse club.

Having said this, the best way to improve your game is to never let the stick out of your hands. Practice throwing to a lacrosse wall, shoot at a net, and work on groundballs. Purchase a Lacrosse Rebounder and work on those fundamentals. They are great tools that aid in practice, giving many repetitions and make passing and throwing second nature which is what you want.


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