Marketing Blog Strategy

I’ve recently discovered the most important secret; link your blog to a highly trafficked team blog site. I call it “affiliate niche marketing blog” because it is just that: the system itself is an affiliate product that will pay you 100% commissions to promote. As I’ve learned from some of the training videos in the blogging system, the strategy to rank your niche marketing blog has to do with linking your own blog to the team blog. As I said before, Google wants to rank what’s popular. While backlinking to a wide variety of sites is important, that’s only quantity. You want quality as well. So you’ll want to link to high page ranking sites such as high PR articles and your team blog. It’s like the geek in high school who gets noticed more when he’s dating the head cheerleader as opposed to being President of the geek team. You can tell how popular any website is with the Alexa tool bar. Simply download the toolbar for free at If you link to a site with an Alexa score of 1000 or under, your own site will be pulled up substantially. My own personal site is close to two million (wow, the two-millionth most popular site on Google LOL) – so if I didn’t backlink the heck out of my site, it would never be noticed!

Dominate Your Niche on Google with Video Marketing Linked to Your Niche Marketing Blog

Remember popularity on Google is the key, and YouTube has an Alexa score of only 3 – the third most popular site on Google! Simply create a video that has the same material (remember it has to be “relevant”) as your niche marketing blog post. Then link your YouTube video to everything. Hate videos? Me too! You can easily make a quick 2 minute video on Camtasia that is only a “blog announcement”. The popularity clout YouTube gives you is the same whether you hide behind a screen or let it all hang out with your face. If you have the gift of gab and have no problem talking in front of a camera – great! Use it! But if you hate making videos, just use the “record the page” function on Camtasia and talk about your blog post and how it would be beneficial to your reader. I got one of my blog announcement posts to rank on page one of Google even before putting it through my article submitter!

By adopting the above free approaches I use on a daily basis, you will dominate your niche on Google with your niche marketing blog in no time!


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