Towing Without Tension

The days are now longer, warmer Рand sunnier. Our thoughts have turned to getting away from it all, excited at the prospect of waking to a new view somewhere else Рperhaps in a friendly B&B, a local hotel, or a quaint holiday cottage, hidden down a narrow winding lane beneath the trees. There are those though who prefer roughing it in a tent, and getting truly back to nature Рand there are those who prefer the luxury of a caravan, with plug in power, air conditioning and flush loo Рand the added option of changing your view as often as you wish. Click the link for santa clara towing

No-one knows exactly how many caravans there are in the UK. I do know I have followed a great many of them on their way to the beautiful New Forest; and it’s not just caravans you’ll follow, but locals moving their horses and livestock; boats of all sizes, camping trailers, and smaller trailers filled to brimming with all those essentials needed for a comfortable holiday.

With such a wide selection of towing vehicles and things to tow – and besieged with a plethora of rules and regulations – some mere common sense, the remainder based on an age of experience, all have a common and very important purpose – safety.

There appears though a great difficulty in finding the answers to many of those dictates. Anyone with a vehicle, and a means of attaching a trailer to it, can tow. Clear the accumulated rubbish from your garden – chuck it in the trailer – and head to the local tip – but when did you last check the serviceability of its mechanical components, or consider the weight you have packed behind you – or even checked if your licence is valid to tow in the first place. Well here are a few useful tips.

In researching this article I visited a local caravan and trailer dealer – posing as a potential and very enthusiastic customer. I wanted something suitable for my family holidays – perhaps quite large; four wheels at least – plenty of space to lounge about in, and a proper bathroom – I don’t do ‘slumming it’ I advised her.


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