In caring for an incontinent patient it is often a matter of good hygiene that can keep them healthy. The matter of incontinence can be a very delicate subject, but a very necessary one in caring for someone that can no longer tend to these needs on his or her own.

To do this you are going to need some supplies that you will need to keep on hand; the first thing that you will need is going to be paper hand towels They are disposable very absorbent towels that are great to use to both dry your hands with and to use for cleaning up your incontinent patient when necessary. This is something you want to make sure you always have well stocked; using regular cloth towels generates the growth of germs. Click the link below to visit hasta yatağı

You also will need to make sure that you have a couch roll This is a very absorbent waterproof roll of paper that you will use to cover the patients bed or couch area where they will lay in case of an accident.

As for incontinence products that you will need to properly care for your patient; you are going to need disposal briefs that are designed for the correct gender of your patient. Also make sure that they are the correct size, if they are too small they will be very uncomfortable, and if they are too large they will leak. Other incontinence products that are necessary will be disposable wipes for cleaning off the patient in between changing; a good unscented baby wipe will work. In addition to these you will also want to get disposable bed pads, baby powder and a good waterproof mattress pad.


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